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Project Developers

Odyssey simplifies project planning, pipeline management, financial analysis, procurement, and finance – freeing developers and project owners to focus on site identification, local execution, and customer-facing operations.



Through Odyssey, financiers receive curated deal proposals presented in a consistent format, along with supporting data that meet lending, investment, or grant requirements. The platform enables collaboration with other investors to structure innovative blended capital funding.



Odyssey enables global market access and makes customer acquisition easy. Vendors of hardware, software, or other services can easily view and respond to detailed, standardized requests for quotes ('RFQs') for a single project or group of projects.



Through Odyssey, governments, DFIs and other agencies can manage microgrid tenders and evaluate bids through a credible, third-party standardized platform that enables comparison across all project types and bidding organizations.


Odyssey provides a set of software tools to streamline the project development process and improve project economics.

  • In-field Surveying
  • Load Building
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Distribution Planning
  • Design Optimization
  • Technology Procurement
  • Cost Standardization
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Document Generation
  • Project Aggregation
  • RFQ Generation