Odyssey's web-based platform streamlines the work flow for building and financing mini-grid projects, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders in the energy access sector.

Odyssey’s comprehensive tool suite helps project developers design, build, and operate rigorous and data-driven mini-grids — and directly connect with investors and suppliers.

Site Data

Odyssey's mobile tools enable faster data collection and automatic processing of high volumes of site data into transparent, useable analytics

Load Forecast

Odyssey creates granular load forecasts with dynamic visuals for assessing demand across different types of customers and modeling 
hourly load profiles

System Design

With an easy drag-and-drop system design tool, Odyssey uses the power of the HOMER engine to optimize system sizing

Tariff Design

Odyssey is working with leading smart metering companies to offer comprehensive tariff modeling to forecast expected revenues across all customer segments

Financial Modeling

Odyssey's data engine generates standardized financial analytics for
every site, enabling sensitivity analyses and cross-project comparison


Odyssey's analytics engine pulls in data across sites to generate standardized, intelligent financial analytics, replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual analysis.

Developer Platform Features

Automatically collect and process customer survey data

Develop granular load forecasts

Optimize generation system design

Generate standardized project cost reporting

Model complex tariff structures

Project key financial metrics

Connect with investors and suppliers

Manage investor engagement and supplier quotations

Process operating data to compare system performance to forecasts

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What Our customers are saying:

“My experience with Odyssey has been fantastic. I’ve seen a situation whereby my data is automatically analyzed...I saw that if I do a hybrid system it’s better than doing a storage PV system...You have developers, vendors, and investors in one platform, I’ve never seen this before. [Odyssey] makes the work easier, you spend less on manpower...it should save us more than 50% of the time we currently spend...Odyssey will just become a one-stop shop for everything!”
— Mini-grid developer
“It is simply unbelievable that all we need has been done by your company. This really frees us to focus on the non-technical issues such as site selection, engaging with stakeholders and meeting regulatory requirements.”
— Mini-grid developer