Odyssey's web-based platform streamlines the work flow for building and financing mini-grid projects, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders in the energy access sector.

Odyssey gives financiers access to curated, data-rich, finance-ready microgrid deals, with third-party analytics and diligence documents all in one place.


Financiers have access to detailed information from developers including:

Deal Introduction

Overview of the organization, the portfolio and type of capital needed for financing

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Deal Summary

Access data for all the assets in the portfolio;, quickly diligence load assumptions, costing & financials

  • Customer acquisition, billing and engagement strategy
  • Construction and risk mitigation plans
  • Project timeline
  • Project financials
  • Sourcing and procurement plans
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Project Details

Access data for all assets in the portfolio; quickly diligence load assumptions, costing, & financials

Data Room

Secure data room organizes and tracks all neccesary diligence documentation and information

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“I have a number of developers that come to me for financing but aren't able to provide the level of detail I need about the project in the proposed portfolio. Can I send them to Odyssey?!”

— Mini-grid investor

Financier Platform Features

Standardized project analysis for efficient diligence; clear presentation of unit economics

Secure data room; easy to receive, organize and track all files

Comprehensive set of organization and project-level data

Independent verification of key project metrics and analytics

Automatic investment performance monitoring and impact measurement

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