Odyssey is currently facilitating $350M into mini-grids via
data-driven financing.

Odyssey is a secure, web-based platform developed to unlock data insights across the lifecycle of mini-grid projects -- to get more projects financed and built.

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What We Do

Via state-of-the-art software tools, powerful data analytics, and marketplaces, Odyssey standardizes how mini-grid data is managed, analyzed and communicated –seamlessly connecting project developers, suppliers, financiers and governments to get projects built.

How It Works

Odyssey's web-based platform streamlines the work flow for building and financing projects — to get mini-grids built.


Odyssey’s comprehensive tool suite helps project developers design, build and operate rigorous, systematic, and data-driven microgrids


Odyssey’s analytics engine pulls in data across sites to generate standardized, intelligent financial analytics, replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual analysis


Odyssey connects active project developers and technology suppliers, streamlining procurement and giving suppliers direct market access via qualified leads


Odyssey puts project developers’ curated deals in front of financiers, with a standardized & straightforward flow to access diligence information all in one place


Odyssey processes smart meter data from operating projects to track load, connections, financial performance and more